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‘Survivor Series’ Review: a Good Show with Some Odd Surprises

November 19th, 2012 at 12:43 PM
By Chris Arney

'CM Punk' photo (c) 2011, Ed Webster - license:
'Survivor Series' was one of the most solid nights of content that WWE has produced in some time. Every match basically delivered on expectations, there was a twist that will interest Internet fans (although the casual fan has no way of understanding it), and even the filler "bonus" match was well received. So there was little to complain about in regards to the show, itself. As for the Sports Media 101 PPV Panel's predictions, well… that might be a different story:

Mark Eddinger, from Motor Sports 101. @WorldRacing101, leading the pack with 19.5 points.

Peter Schifani, from New York Jets 101. @NY_Jets101, in third place with 16.5 points.

Brennon Keys, from Rams 101. @Rams_101, licking his wounds with 14 points.

And, of course, Chris Arney @WWrestling101, in an uncomfortable second place with 18 points.

In the pre-show match, 3MB did, indeed beat Team Cobra or whatever Santino and Ryder are calling themselves.

(+1 for BK and CA)

The show proper kicked off with the "bonus" match, which turned out to be the expected elimination match between the lesser tag teams, though Tensai and Brodus Clay were added, only to be the first ones eliminated. The face International Airstrike, Rey Mysterio, and Sin Cara all survived after eliminating the heel Prime Time Players, Epico, and Primo.

Eve beat Kaitlyn in fairly typical Diva's fashion, making anyone who thought Kaitlyn might pick up a win just for a change pace look stupid…

(+1 for ME and BK)

Antonio Cesaro beat R-Truth in similarly predictable fashion.

(+1 for PS, BK, and CA)

AJ and Vickie Guerrero had a filler segment that ended with Tamina (Jimmy Snuka's daughter. Remember her?) jumping AJ. Whatever.

Big Show and Sheamus delivered a much better batch than their previous effort, though Big Show pulled the referee in front of a Brogue Kick and initially picked up a pinfall in the ensuing chaos, but the call was reversed and Sheamus won by DQ. The Celtic Warrior grabbed a chair and unloaded on Show, finishing him off with a Brogue Kick.

(+.5 for CA for technically getting the victor right. +.5 to everyone else for calling Ziggler's lack of involvement)

The more important elimination match kept things interesting. David Otunga filled in for Cody Rhodes, leading to Damien Sandow being the first eliminated. Team Hell No fell apart early on, Wade Barrett took out Kofi Kingston, but would be eliminated by The Miz (really? really?) and Alberto Del Rio would pick up two eliminations before it got down to Randy Orton against Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler, then just Orton vs. Ziggler. The Viper had The Showoff dead to rights, but couldn't resist trying to punt him in the head. Ziggler countered with an unlikely Superkick and pinfall, becoming the sole survivor. Foley gave Orton some dirty looks at the end.

(+1 for PS; +1.5 for CA)

Things got weird in the Triple Threat main event. CM Punk and John Cena had double teamed Ryback to take him out for a bit, and then they went to town on each other. Ryback got back up and had hit Shell Shock on both competitors – Punk, first. Then, three NXT competitors, including Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, stormed the ring, jumped Ryback, and gave him a huge Powerbomb through the announce table. The camera cut back to Punk stealing the pin on Cena, who was somehow still down from the Shell Shock. It was a screwy ending and the casual fan must be frustrated as all hell, but the match itself was good.

(+1 for ME, BK, and CA)

ME: 22 (+2.5)

PS: 19 (+2.5)

BK: 18.5 (+4.5)

CA: 23 (+5)

Well, wouldja look at that?

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