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‘Hell in a Cell’ Review: a Lot of Filler, but the Show Mostly Satisfied

October 29th, 2012 at 11:50 AM
By Chris Arney

'Big Show' photo (c) 2010, Alexander Vaughn - license: would be a bit of a stretch to suggest that 'Hell in a Cell' was a great show, but considering how weak the card was, it's equally difficult to say that it disappointed. There was some decent wrestling and a few genuine surprises. It just seems fair to say that the event could have used one more big match or moment. It will be interesting to see where WWE head with some of the storylines.

The Sports Media 101 PPV Panel:

Mark Eddinger, from Motor Sports 101. @WorldRacing101, leading the pack with fifteen points.

Peter Schifani, from New York Jets 101. @NY_Jets101, enjoying his new spot in third place with twelve points.

Brennon Keys, from Rams 101. @Rams_101, licking his wounds from last time with ten and a half points.

And, of course, Chris Arney @WWrestling101, in an uncomfortable second place with thirteen and a half points.


The show started with Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton, which progressed well enough until some ugly botches caused things to fall apart and a cool ending – Orton ducked an Enziguiri and hit the RKO as Del Rio fell – didn't do a whole lot to save it. The belt felt inconsequential. When in doubt, go with Orton.

(+1 for all)

Team Hell No had a very good match with Rhodes Scholars, though it should have gone on longer and had a cheap ending. Bryan accidentally hit Kane, causing The Big Red Machine to flip out and cause a DQ after laying out his opponents. This a tough one to score – Hell No retained their titles, but still lost.

(+.5 for PS)

The Miz and Kofi Kingston delivered exactly what one would expect in the form of a good-but-not-great, predictable match up that saw Kofi retain after Trouble in Paradise.

(+1 for PS and CA)

Antonio Cesaro beat Justin Gabriel in a decent US Title Match. Then, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara beat The Prime Time Players in an alright, but underwhelming match.

It seemed to fair to say that the outcome of the World Heavyweight Championship Match wasn't etched in stone, but the outcome was shocking in its simplicity. After a long, boring match where Sheamus became the first person to kick out of the WMD and Big Show kicked out of a Brogue Kick, Show hit a second WMD for the clean win. Dolph Ziggler did not cash in.

(+1.5 for ME, +.5 for BK and CA)

As for the Divas, Kaitlyn hit a powerslam on Layla and Eve hit a Swanton Bomb to break up the pin and steal it for herself. The match was less than stellar.

(+1 for all)

Finally, CM Punk and Ryback gave a very good match, albeit one that ended too quickly and did, indeed feature a bit of a cop-out to get Punk the win. As Ryback hoisted him up for Shell Shock, the referee – the one who Paul Heyman chastised for blowing a call a few weeks ago – low blowed Ryback and helped Punk score a fast count for the win. Ryback, of course, recovered and handed them each a serious beating, Shell Shocking Punk on top of the cell to close the show.

(+1 for all)

As for the rankings from the PPV Panel, not much has changed:

ME: 19.5 (+4.5)

PS: 16.5 (+4.5)

BK: 14 (+3.5)

CA: 18 (+4.5)

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